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Pet Heat Exhaustion Or Heat Stroke

It happens every summer. Someone loses their beloved pet to something so preventable. Pet heat exhaustion or heat stroke. So sad.

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It seems like some people just don’t consider that their dog, or even their cat, can’t take the summer heat like we can.

Cars seem to be the most dangerous by far, not just for our pets, but our children as well. We should never leave them unattended in a car. We shouldn’t ever take for granted that just because the air conditioner is on when we leave, that nothing will happen, or think that because the temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees to us, that the car will be safe, even with the windows cracked. That intended “quick stop”, can easily end up standing in a long line at the check out.

All the while, the temperature in the car continues to rise dangerously high, putting our pets and children at risk.

What about the security issues like kidnapping or petnapping? Temperature concerns are bad enough and we’ll stay on that topic. But that’s a very serious consideration as well.

Ok, I had to add a quick note on the security concerns, now back to the temperature concerns.

Don’t forget to bring water on your walks with your dog. On many occasions, I’ve offered water to a very thirsty dog on a walking path, because their pet parent didn’t think about bringing water for their pet. We even have a cat walker in town.

It happens all too often and can be so easy to prevent - a dead best friend - just because someone - just didn’t think.

Please be safe, not sorry.

How do I know if my cat is too hot?

Preventive Vet Header Screenshot
Preventive Vet Header Screenshot
What You Should Know About Heat Stroke in Cats - By Jason Nicholas, BVetMed (“Dr. J”) - Preventive Vet

Heat stroke is not as common in cats as in dogs, but it can happen. They seem to be better at staying cool than dogs.

In this article, Dr. J from the Preventive Vet podcast “PAWS & PLAY” lists the situations that can contribute to heat stroke in cats.

Dr. J tells us how to cool down a cat and helps answer the question:

How do you treat a cat with heat stroke?

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The Article Headings Include:

  • What NOT to Do for Heat Stroke in Cats
  • Risk Factors for Heat Stroke in Cats
  • How to Minimize Heat Stroke Risk in Cats
  • What Are the Dangers of Heat Stroke?
  • How to Recognize the Signs of Heat Stroke
  • How to Treat Heat Stroke in Cats

Resources linked to in the article:

How do you prevent heat exhaustion in dogs?

PETMD Header Screenshot - Heat Stroke in Dogs - PETMD
PETMD Header Screenshot

This article helps to answer:
  • How do you stop a dog from having a heat stroke?
  • What causes heat exhaustion in dogs?

The Article Headings Include:

  • Physical Symptoms of Heatstroke in Dogs
  • Primary Cause of Heatstroke in Dogs
  • Immediate Care
  • Veterinary Care
  • Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs

Resources linked to in the article:

Why does my dog overheat so easily?

Hill’s Pet Header Screenshot - Heat Exhaustion in Dogs: Signs Your Dog Is Overheating By Jean Marie Bauhaus - Hill's Pet
Hill’s Pet Header Screenshot
Did you know that an overheated dog can suffer from heat stroke or cardiac arrest? Heat exhaustion can be fatal in dogs.

The Article Headings Include:

  • Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
  • Warning Signs
  • Risk Factors
  • What to Do if Your Dog is Overheated
  • Avoiding Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Resources linked to in the article:

I hope that sharing this information with you can help prevent the heartbreak and guilt that comes with the death of a pet, caused by getting too hot.

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Image Credit - leeroy by Montreal Web Agency - -

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Credit - Chefchaouen Morocco October 3, 2018 by Aziz Acharki -
Credit - Chefchaouen Morocco October 3, 2018 by Aziz Acharki -

Pet Heat Exhaustion Or Heat Stroke

It happens every summer. Someone loses their beloved pet to something so preventable. Pet heat exhaustion or heat stroke. So sad. Photo...