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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Pet is the Best

What is one of the healthiest lifestyles? A loving relationship with your pet. I’ve seen many different approaches to pet training.

Credit - Chefchaouen Morocco October 3, 2018 by Aziz Acharki -
Credit - Chefchaouen Morocco October 3, 2018 by Aziz Acharki -

Mutual Respect between a Pet and their Human

Not so long ago, we would only be talking about dogs in relationship to training.

It seems that our list of possibilities has blossomed to include not just cats, but a wide range of domestic animals as well.

I’ve been pleased to see the huge increase of interest in using training involving positive reinforcement and being consistent.

I’m not a big fan of teaching our pets to do a handful of commands, just so we can “show them off” to people and tell them “look how smart he is.''

Human and pet training can be very helpful. It helps us to keep our pet safe and help them know how to act when confronted with a new situation.

Although I acknowledge the benefits of “being the “pack leader” for our dog, I’m not convinced that it is necessary to be in the roll of pack leader at all times.

Just like dealing with other people, if you want them to respect you, it is best to show some respect to them first. After all, aren’t we all more likely to listen to someone who makes us feel respected, than someone who makes us feel manipulated, used, ordered around, or just plan hurts us?

I want Teddy Bear to come to me when I call him, not just because he is trained to do so, but because he is interested in me and what I’m doing. I want him to know that good things happen around me, so that he is self motivated, wanting to “see what’s up”.

Arthur and Teddy Bear
Arthur and Teddy Bear

Healthy and Happy Pets

Lifestyle goes a long way to helping us have healthy and happy pets.

We want to have a long life with our pets. Just like taking better care of ourselves improves our quality of life, so does taking better care of our pets.

Many health issues can be avoided, or at least minimized by caring enough to actively pay attention to pet nutrition, proper exercise, neutering/spaying and special needs.
  • Making sure we use credible pet product suppliers.
  • Getting checkups at the vet
  • Going for a walk
  • Going visiting
  • Making sure our pet has a safe home
The many ways we can make life with our pets rewarding, safe and memorable, seem to multiply each and every year.

With so many choices, it is difficult to know just what choices to make, or who’s training will work best.

I’m not about making a judgement regarding all the different choices, so long as they are safe and seem to work for some.

Variety is the spice of life and the more possibilities we have for training, nutrition and just having fun with our pets, the better.

I hope you will join me, as I explore many of these pet related topics, with your interest, comments, questions and suggestions. Just use the comment form at the bottom of each page.

My Best to You

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