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Welcome to Pets To Pat!

My name is Arthur Strout.

I'm a retired public employee, now starting my days taking Teddy Bear out for a walk when the weather permits, or up to 20 minutes outside doing "Doggy Stuff".

My life has always been enriched by my pets, in particular dogs and cats.

Although I only have one dog now, a few years back I had 3 dogs and 6 cats in my care.

Apartment life and retirement income doesn't allow me to have so many pets now.

I'm happy to have the time, if not always the money, to share lovingly with my little dog, Teddy Bear.

It seems like everyone has their own way to care for their pet. We don't always agree, and that's fine, so long as the end result is a happy and healthy pet.

Personally, I believe that the very best relationship we can have with our pet, cats or dogs, is to share mutual respect. I fully believe, through my own experience, that our pets do indeed understand and reciprocate our respect for them.

Pets To Pat is created to help share all forms of training, care, relationships and more, in hopes of bringing learning and help to others, who may be struggling with problems of pet ownership.

I also try to supplement my retirement income with commissions from sales of products and services (affiliate marketing) when possible. Earning a commission (getting paid) is always secondary to caring for our pets, and the people caring for them.

I don't view another affiliate's offer as a "competitor", but as another source of information and resources. I hope to be able to organize these topics into a user friendly resource.

It is my hope that sharing a growing collection of choices, whether it be information, a product or a service, will help our (pet and owner) quality of life, by helping provide a broader and informed range of choices to choose from.

So feel free to share a comment or use the contact form to make suggestions, give insights, ask for a helpful suggestion, or just add to the conversation.

Your contact information will never be shared, the only tracking done on this blog is provided by Google or (should I decide to use it) through MailChimp.

Please do me one little favor?

Give you pet some love for me!!!

My best to You

Arthur Strout
12 Summer St., Apt.2
Augusta, ME 04330

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